Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last m0dul t0 be remember~~~ XD 10.10.10...~,^


hye...hye..hyee.... ya...ya...ya... At first i've heard bout this m0dul 0h mennn! plez la.. I wanna g0 t0 camer0nnnnnn!!!!! Actually, my clazmates n I supp0sed t0 g0 to Camer0n f0r OPKIM..(I've already menti0ned in my entry before).. Supp0se 0ct 8-10.. Unfortunately, aiyaaa... I d0nt kn0e what happen t0 the Uitm..Everything was canceled...=( frankly, exasperate t0o much! Seems like uitm had s0me pr0blems in their management…aisshh~

ya, juz imagine..I was very excited t0 g0 there wif all my clazmate n we were planned f0r the activities that we supp0se t0 d0 there.. “AJKs” were assigned and s0me sort of activities were planned… but then, at the end…0whhh~ very disappointed me as well as my clazmet… s0oo baddd s0oo00oo saaddddddd~~~~ -.- “
ok…ok… let bygone be bygone.. juz thr0w away d feelings yepp.. urmmm.. ok, finally.. after all of th0se bla..bla..bla..was canceled, uitm trying t0 arrange this m0dul as it is supp0se t0 be d0ne juz like past sems… s0, here I g0.. 10.10.10.. nice date, nice Sunday t0 attend this m0dul…=p hee~ (cyesly, act I d0nt want t0 g0 f0r this m0dul cuz I’m so frust cant g0 t0 cameron..hee~)

jeng..jeng…jeng… ya, unexpected expectation… I’m fall in luv wif this m0dul..0hoh0~ y la? Aiyaa…bcoz.. my clzmates.. they are very d very d very d very sp0rting la..(slamber badak jek dowg nih  + gilerr2..=p) all of th0se activities that “abg fesi” given actually quite b0ring.. but then, clazmates jz ign0ring d “abg fesi” la.. “abg fesi” give instruction A(for example) and my clamate did Z…ahahah~ p0or “abg fesi” cz g0t us t0 handle up.. here i leave s0me pics....

“Abg fesi” said: actually, we r not reach d objectives…=p aiyaya~ p0or abg fesi.. I knew my clazmet intentionally t0 do it la..(even me I guess..but..tak sampai aty..ngee~) notty la them..
Hurmm…I l0ve this m0ment and I knoe I will miss this m0ment s0on..=’( this is my last sem..hurmmm… myb last time f0r being a student.. I d0nt knoe what will happen later.. Let time determine it.. what I knoe, I WILL ALWAYS MISS U OLLS GUYS!!!! =’) d0 n0t forget our mem0ries t0gether…~~~ f0reverrr…

Even, as I said bef0re.. I’m hurt..but… u r still my friend.. g0od n0r bad.. even kene buli tadik in claz..ade ke patot baling2 ketas kat ak en..isk3.. who did it??? Of coz la dak2 laki nih…tadew org len daa.. rmi2 plak tuh buli ak s0rg..unfair gler… yg plg jaat, lilit ak ngan ular ciptaan grup Hanna en(cam knal jek sape..lalala~)..takpe2.. naseb da las sem..ak pasrah je.. yela..pasni tak rase da kn..hmmm…

Overall, I luv this kind of m0dul as well as u olls! Isk..iskk..iskkk… mcm cdey..hmm.. d0nt ever f0rget BM 229 5C okeyh! Luv f0reverrrr!!!! ~,^

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