Saturday, October 9, 2010

the last week~~~


Hmmm... maybe my entry f0r t0day quite sad la.. Its suddenly happen.. ya, maybe because 0f this is my last sem wif all my friends in Uitm shah alam..hurmmm..

1 week left f0r studying t0gether, laughing t0gether, bullying each other, teasing others etc. Aishhhhhhh~ cdeynye...even s0metimes(maybe always i think) my heart quite hurt with s0me acti0ns that they did but...hmmm... will always miss their smile, laugh, attitude(even sgat2 sakit aty)...=(

sedar tak sedar, da 1 tahun setengah kat uitm s.alam ni... a lot of things i've learned in uitm.. even s0metimes hard t0 accept the reality but thats what we have t0 learn n give us s0me experience t0 futher life s0on...

dr segi belajar..mmg sgt mencabar bg ak bcuz of my responsible t0 the fac..s0metimes, my f0cus m0re t0 the fac rather than my study..itu mmg ak akui..blaja tah kmane2.. hurmm..

dr segi lecturer.. yg sgt mencabar i guess f0r this sem.. ade yg garang, ade yg baik.. yg pasti mestila yg garang tu cabarannye..we have t0 get updated always.. know current issue, general kn0wledge etc.. blaja nye baru bpe chap tp da tgal 1 week je nih..hmmm..

dr segi kwn2...yg baik-baik..k0rg mmg baik..thanks byk2.. u r always in my heart.. hurmmm..yg jahat2 suke buli ak, kcu ak..ak mmg sakit, pape p0n ak da maafkan smua.. sbb??? k0rg tetap kwn ak wpun korg jahat..hurmmm~~~

nak cte pjg2 lg kang tertumpah plak air mate, air id0ng, air liur n what so ever.. I h0pe our frienship will never end!!! friend 4 everrr... Luv u all! ~,^

Hargai lah 1 week kite yg tgal n an0ther week f0r revision dgn sebaik2 nya... Lepas ni tah jumpe entah tidak.. entah ade lagi entah tidak.. Pape p0n, deep in my heart says s0rry f0r any things, acti0ns,w0rds that which might me hurt s0me / all 0f u...s0rry for evrything...


  1. erm T_T sedeynye............

  2. mi pun nk mnx maaf ngn sume. mi pun byk wt slh. halalkn sumenye. frens evr lasting. LOVE & gonna miss u'll.

    xoxo m"."m

  3. mimi: same la kite..hurm.. mmg byk wat sala gak kat smue..s0 sorry.. h0pe our frenship never end...